The “Water Wars” have started in the U.S.A.

Climate change is real and it is impacting people from Florida, to Maine and from South Carolina to California.  This article spells out clearly what is happening in parts of Arizona and it will get worse and it will spread.  The reality of Climate Refugees is here.  I was talking to someone who had come to Florida to visit a friend.  He said in Duluth, Minnesota where he lives has a population of 85,000 has about 33,000 homes.  A survey found that the reason was partially climate refugees from other parts of the USA.  They are short at least 2,000 homes based on current demand.   It is a fact of life and the sooner we start doing something, the better.

The New Yorker Article: The Water Wars Come to the Suburbs 

BBC Article on International Water Shortage Fights

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