St. Andrew Bay and St. Joseph Bay Estuary Program

The St. Andrew and St. Joseph Bays Estuary Program is run by Dr. Jessia Graham.  It is a joint effort between Florida State University and Bay County, Florida. The program put together a collaborative effort linking municipalities, businesses, non-profits and the public to attack environmental issues impacting our local waterways.

One thing going on locally is a voluntary buy-back program where the county is offering to buy residential properties that continually flood.  So far, they have committed to the buying back of around 40 properties using Federal grant dollars. One problem for municipalities is the properties they buy back are taken off of the tax rolls and then become a cost liability to the city or county.  What will they do with those properties?  Simulations Foundation has been working with Dr. Graham to develop science based environmentally friendly solutions that are not cost prohibitive.

To find out more, check out the program’s website.

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