Can YOU reach net zero by 2050? (A Simulation)

Will it be easy?  Can it be done?  Here is a game created by the Financial Times with real research based data.


Note: How it was Create
This game was created by the Financial Times. It is based on real science and reporting — however, it is a game, not a perfect simulation of the future.
The emissions modelling was developed in 2022 by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The scenarios used in the IEA’s “Net Zero by 2050” report were recalculated to track the temperature outcomes for specific pathways used in the game.
These climate outcomes were calculated using the IEA’s World Energy Model (WEM) and Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) model coupled with the MAGICC v7+ climate model.
MAGICC stands for Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change and is used by scientists and integrated assessment models.

Remote Sensing

One of our board directors is a scientist/professor Dr. Chandana Mitra.  She is a Climatologist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences, Auburn University.  She is part of a team that runs the Alabama Environment Awareness Channel. They are part of “Amverica View” with funding from the U.S. Geological Society.  We recommend you subscribe to their channel as they are continually updating the channel with additional simulations relative to earth remote sensing.

99% Simulation

What does it take to convince people that climate change is really?  What does it take to convince you that anything is real and that you need to take action.  Here is a short animation discussing what percent of experts does it take you to believe and take action?

Hurricane Simulator

A lot of simulators are computer generated as building physical simulators can get very expenses, but here is a hurricane simulator that can create category 5+ simulated hurricanes.