Climate Reality Training

Climate Reality & VP Al Gore
VP Al Gore and Climate Reality

As I write this, we have just finished our first day of training with Climate Reality in Houston, Texas.  Yesterday, we heard from a number of powerful speakers to include Climate Reality’s new CEO, Phyllis Cuttino, William Barber III, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., Dr. Robert Bullard, John Beard and a host of others.  The big speech came from Vice President Al Gore who shared the problems we are facing but who ended the presentation on messages of hope.

Ft. Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian

On October 12, we went to Ft. Myers to scout out areas we and Mission 850 might be able to help with clean up.  What we found on the island was incredible.  Almost any and all “stick-built” structures were destroyed.  Some of the strongly built concrete buildings look fine from the outside, but all had at least three feet of water that had gone though them.  Climate change is real and storms are getting worse.