Our Plan

History And Where We Are Going

Simulations have existed for years and can assume a lot of different forms.

Those of us associated with Simulations Foundation have learned the power of simulations.   We want to help people improve their lives, their community, and their country.  We want to help humankind’s chance at long-term survival by giving individuals, politicians, governments and people around the world a fresh perspective that might lead them to better decision-making.

Our core beliefs are these:

1. People are basically good.
2. The majority of people will do what is best for society if given the chance.
3. Society is evolving in a positive direction.
4. Individuals and groups can make a difference.

So what will Simulations Foundation do to put our plan into action?

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Current Project:

Student Energy Audit:  Back in 1977, our founder, Brian McGee, while teaching 6th grade students in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, helped the students perform an energy audit of the school.  Students first looked at various kinds of  energy consumption in the school: windows, walls, lights, water, electric usage, etc. Then they evaluated each part of the school and developed their own list of recommendations.  The students signed their portion of the energy audit and it was sent to the school board. Not only were the students’ catalysts for change, it proved to be very impowering as students actions and suggestions were taken seriously by the adults.  We are going to duplicate that action in Panama City and plan to spread the idea through lesson plans and videos.  Attached here is that energy audit taken almost 40 years ago.  Read the Energy Audit from Wisconsin here.

Insulate it Forward:  This is our kick-off project as a new 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We are working with another non-profit, Mission 850, to insulate the attics of the poor and marginalized renters and home owners in our community.  Our plan is to get funding that will help us create “How To” written directions and videos showing churches and civic groups step-by-step how  to duplicate a proven plan. The plan is to start in Panama City, Florida, a place still not recovered from Hurricane Michael. We will then try the “How To” videos and written documentation with a few marginalized neighborhoods around Opelika, Alabama. This will not only help these individuals but also their whole underserved community and the environment.

Southern Green Alliance (SGA)–  SGA is a formal wing (DBA) of Simulations Foundation Corp.  We have partnered with some university professors and scientist to bring the knowledge and expertise of these academicians down to local businesses and municipalities. The goal is to help small businesses and municipalities who do not have the money to hire experts get help on environmental issues.  SGA will then attempt to match the end user with the knowledge base found in our universities.

Classroom Country – This  is a written series of lessons aimed at upper elementary or middle school aged children.  It can be used all year long and turns the microcosm of a classroom into a functioning country with its own governance and economy.  This simulation becomes a shell within which a teacher teaches all of the other subject matter in their curriculum.  It immerses the students into the process of building a country from declaring their independence to creating their own laws and an economy.

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 Future Projects:

Plant it Forward: After developing a proven template for churches or civic organizations working together (see “Insulate it Forward” above) we will develop material to help communities to plant more trees, especially in low-income areas to reduce urban heat and help create additional green space that counters and/or mitigates climate change. Simulations Foundation is headquartered in Panama City which, according to a study done by the Florida Forest Services, lost approximately 1,000,000 trees to Hurricane Michael. The impact on Panama City is huge with increasing urban temperatures, rising ground water levels, and flooding. For more information on this, please see the Florida Forest Service report on tree loss in Florida. “Impacts of Hurricane Michael on Urban Tree Canopy in Florida”

Students Taking Action – This simulation challenges students to research real time problems in the world, develop potential remedies, discuss and defend their positions and then promote their potential remedies by going to decision makers directly.

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Other Projects:

We own the domain name Simulations.com. We are thinking about how to best exploit this premium domain name.   People have created all kinds of simulations.   We would like, through the foundation, to promote these simulations bringing the best to the attention of individuals, companies, decision makers, and teachers throughout the world.

We would also like to highlight the companies and the people that create these simulations.  Simulations are not made in a vacuum.  Universities, companies, teachers, individuals and even children make some great simulations.  We would like to help bring attention to these individuals and groups, highlighting the positive impact they have on our society.

We invite you and those you care about to join with us in our effort to help humanity survive and get more out of life while they are doing it.


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